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T. H. FREELAND, IV is a member of the firm. You can write him at .

T.H. Freeland, IV has been in the practice of law since 1982, after he was graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law (1981) and was a law clerk to Frank H. McFadden, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama, in 1981-1982. His areas of practice have included health insurance defense and bad faith litigation, school law, bank director and corporate director and officer litigation, creditor bankruptcy, and death penalty defense.

In June of 2010, in a four week federal court trial in the Southern District of Mississippi, he and Joyce Freeland were counsel for Dr. Cassandra Thomas, who was acquitted of all charges in a Medicare and Medicaid prosecution.  He and the firm have extensive history in white color defense, particularly in the area of health care fraud prosecutions.

In the area of health insurance and bad faith defense, reported cases in which he was lead counsel include Neville v. American Republic Ins. Co., 912 F.2d 813 (5th Cir. 1990) and Baragona v. American Republic Ins. Co., 956 F.2d 264 (5th Cir. 1992). He has successfully represented other health insurance and disability carriers in state and federal courts in Mississippi. He is also co-author of "Bad Faith Litigation: A Practical Analysis," 53 Miss. L.J. 237 (1983).

In the area of bank director and officer liability, he did major work on a series of unreported cases arising out of the failure of the North Mississippi Savings and Loan. Included was the successful defense of a stockholders action, and defense of action brought by the F.S.L.I.C. and its successor the Resolution Trust Corporation. In the course of this litigation, he worked on and supervised the in-house development of a relational database application for litigation support. This application is still in use by the firm.

His leading case in the bankruptcy area has been as counsel for Santa Fe Gaming Corporation and its predecessor Sahara Gaming Corporation in the Chapter 11 litigation In re Treasure Bay Gaming Corp. in the bankruptcy court for the Southern District of Mississippi. At least one service listed this as one of the ten largest bankruptcies filed in the United States in the first half of 1995; it was highly contentious action in which Santa Fe was one of three entities, including the debtor, to file competing plans for reorganization.

A major part of his practice has been education law. He also worked on Papasan v. Allain , 478 U.S. 265 (1986), from its filing through its successful appeal to the United States Supreme Court and subsequent settlement, and was a co-author of "Seeking Education Funding Equity In Mississippi: I Asked For Water, You Gave Me Gasoline ," 58 Miss. L.J. 247 (1988). Since representing the thirty-six school boards in Papasan, he has been the attorney for the Holly Springs Municipal School District. As their attorney, he carried out a complete revision, codification, and computerization of their policies manual. He has also represented school children in cases involving education of the disabled and First Amendment rights.

He has had a substantial trial and appellate criminal practice. In a recent case, Campbell v. State, 798 So.2d 524 (Miss. 2001), he obtained the reversal on appeal for issues relating to wrongful arrest of a murder conviction. He has done pro bono work in the death penalty area, representing Larry Jones in post-conviction proceedings that lead to reduction of a death sentence to a life sentence. One of the Jones opinions is reported at Jones v. Thigpen, 741 F2d 805 (5th Cir. 1984), cert. granted in part, 475 U.S. 1003 (1985), on remand 788 F.2d 1101 (5th Cir. 1986). In this area, he was a founding board member and founding vice-chairman of the Mississippi State Bar Capital Defense Resource Center Liaison Committee, and was its chairman from 1992 until 1995, when Congress defunded the Resource Centers. He has spoken at a number of continuing legal education seminars on the subjects of error preservation and jury instruction issues in death penalty cases. Another reported criminal case in which he is counsel is Griffin v. State, 545 So. 2d 729 (Miss. 1989) and 584 So. 2d 1274 (Miss. 1991).

He has spoken at continuing legal education seminars on subjects ranging from jury selection, jury instructions and preservation of contitutional issues for appeal, ethics in representing the elderly, and education law.

He was born in Jacksonville, Florida on November 3, 1955. He was admitted to Mississippi bar in 1981 and the United States Supreme Court bar in 1986. He is also admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi, and the bar of the Fifth Circuit of Appeals. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Mississippi (B.A., 1977). He was a member of Phi Delta Phi and the American Inns of Court III, William Keady Chapter. He is a member of the Lafayette County and American Bar Associations, the Mississippi State Bar, and the American Judicature Society.

One of his outside interests is writing about southern history and music. He has written for publications including Living Blues,, the Oxford American, BLues & Rhythm, and The Mississippi Lawyer on blues and other traditional music, Faulkner's lawyers, local history, and goat barbecue. In 1996, he was one of the panelists and presenters at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's conference on Robert Johnson's music at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.


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